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“Beyond any imagination”

How it all started: Online pioneer Euroflorist celebrates their 20th anniversary of e-commerce

Today you can’t imagine the world without internet. Almost everyone is online, some even all day long. But just 20 years ago most people didn’t even know what the internet actually was. And only a few companies discovered the web for their businesses in those days.

Among them was the online-pioneer Euroflorist, today a successful company in the online gifting business with one of the biggest florist networks worldwide. Together with other internet giants like Amazon, Euroflorist is celebrating their 20th anniversary of e-commerce.

In August 1995, Euroflorist launched their first webshop in Sweden. Former CEO and founder Peter Jungbeck remembers: “It all started when I read an article about the phenomenon ‘internet’, so we joined a seminar at the Lund University. It was actually more about the university network, a really slow one by the way. It took about one minute before you could actually see the screen. But we knew: this internet could be something really interesting for us.” So Jungbeck decided to connect Euroflorist with the internet.

In the beginning there was only one computer with an internet connection, mainly used for exchanging orders with partners worldwide. Just a few orders from online-customers rolled in. Peter Jungbeck: “The problem was not the site; the problem was that in general not many people were online. But we were there, and that’s why Euroflorist is one the first five enterprises in our business with a web shop.”

But slowly Euroflorist got more and more online orders. Just a few years later the online business really took off during the first big Valentine’s Day season with hundreds of orders through the website. Fredrik Sundberg, one of the directors in the Euroflorist group today, was there. “That Valentine’s Day was the starting point. We were not used to so many orders but we managed and man, it was fun.” While today Google is the best-known search engine worldwide, at that time Yahoo and Altavista were the bigger names. “That’s how people found our website”, Sundberg explains. “And later on we started to have agreements with portals, where you could find all the information you need as a start page. We got a lot of clicks from there.” Since the beginning, Euroflorist tried to be ahead of their time, and that special quality was rewarded. 10 years after the first webshop went live, Euroflorist received the Microsoft .NET Award in 2005 for the most modern e-commerce platform in Europe. Besides ordering flower deliveries, customers could create their own address book and add reminders to make sure they never forgot to send flowers on important occasions.

Today Euroflorist is still one of the most innovative online companies. Competing in a tough e-commerce market, they found success in setting the trends rather than following them, with extensive A/B testing taking place 24/7, an expert team dedicated to providing the best possible service for their customers around the world and by keeping ahead of their competitors. Euroflorist’s online growth is ongoing. More and more specialists are hired, seeking new opportunities in every channel. In the last 12 months alone the Online team has doubled in size. Founder Peter Jungbeck still can’t believe how fast things developed. “In 1995 we could never ever expect that the internet would become something like it has today. This is beyond any imagination. If you only see what happened in the last ten years.

We started as a florist network and now we are a full online business. Isn’t that amazing?” (ah) About: Thanks to their network of professional local florists, Euroflorist is sending flowers around the corner and around the world, making it easier than ever for customers to make their friends, family, colleagues and loved ones feel happy, noticed and remembered.

The company is represented in 12 European countries with offices and several web shops. More than 200 people are working for Euroflorist, organizing the delivery of more than 1,8 million bouquets a year. “Beyond any imagination”