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Poinsettia care tips

The poinsettia, also known as Christmas star, is hugely popular during the festive season. But how do you take care of your poinsettia? Discover our poinsettia care tips here to keep it radiant during the holidays and beyond. From essential water needs to ideal locations, here you can read all about the basics of poinsettia care. Learn how to prolong the Christmas plant and maintain the health of your beautiful poinsettia, and get ready to enrich your home with the vibrant colours of this iconic Christmas symbol.

Poinsettia care: temperature and location

The first thing that is important when taking care of a poinsettia is its location and temperature. The poinsettia feels comfortable between 15 and 20 degrees. If the poinsettia is in a cold environment, it will not last as long. So put the poinsettia in a spot with plenty of light, but not in direct sunlight. The Poinsettia is a subtropical plant, so it grows best with plenty of daylight. Draughts cause the plant to become weak and may lose leaves, so put it in a place without draughts. Also keep it far away from direct heat sources and fruit bowls.

Watering the Poinsettia

When it comes to poinsettia watering, finding the right balance is key to a happy Poinsettia. Too much water can suffocate the roots, while too little water can lead to wilting. Let the top layer of the soil dry out slightly between waterings. So keep the soil moist, but not too wet. Avoid wetting the leaves to prevent mold. About four weeks after buying the Poinsettia, you can give weekly plant food. With some loving attention and careful watering, you can keep your poinsettia healthy and radiant, both during and after the holidays.

Is a poinsettia poisonous?

You might wonder if poinsettia is dangerous for your pets or curious children. Although this plant is not deadly, poinsettia can cause some stomach discomfort if ingested, and some people may experience skin irritation after contact. So if you have pets or little ones running around, it's smart to keep the poinsettia out of their reach. And as always, wash your hands after touching the plant, just to be on the safe side. With a little vigilance, you can still create that Christmas atmosphere without worrying.