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Flower language

Flower language

Much more than words, Flowers can be the delicate and more or less secret messenger of our feelings or our intentions.

It is true that today, customers choose more the shape or the color of flowers, but have you never offer a red rose to the one you love....Old-fashioned charm?....Well maybe, everything will depend on what will be read between lines!

Anemone: Do not abandon me.

Amaryllis: Pride

Hawthorn: hope.

Arum: Listen to your soul.

Azalea: sincere and shy love.

Begonia: Cordial friendship.

Cornflower: Faithfulness

Rosebud: Rising love.

Camellia: Constancy and admiration.

Campanula: Gratitude

Capuchin: Ardor

Honeysuckle: Friendship links.

Poppy-red: Weakness

Chrysanthemum: End of a love story.

Dahlia: Gratefully

Delphinium: Unfaithfulness

Wild rose: Happiness flies too fast

Fuchsia: Passionate love

Geranium: I'm delighted by your presence.

Gardenia: Sincerity.

Hydrangea: Let me hope.

Iris: Good news.

Hyacinth: Sweetness, softness.

Jasmin: Attention.

Bright yellow: I desire you, gloom

Lavender: Fairness and tenderness

Ivy: Friendship and affection.

Lilac: Emotion and simplicity.

Lily: Purity.

Marguerite: Shy love.

Mimosa: Security, platonic love.

Lily of the valley: return of happiness.

Forget-me-not: Faithfulness.

Narcissus: Selfishness, indifference

Carnation: Freedom.

Orange tree: Virginity, purity

Orchid: Fervor, refinement.

Nettle: Cruelty, nastiness.

Daisy: You are beautiful, affection.

Poppy: Dream, sleep.

Pansy: Think about me.

Periwinkle: Nostalgia, gloom

Peony: Sincerity

Sweet pea: Elegance, refinement.

Primrose: Youth, rising love

Ranunculus: Seduction, charm, bewitchment.

Red rose: Passion, fiery love.

White rose: purity.

Yellow rose: Jealousy, unfaithfulness.

Pink rose: Love.

Rhododendron: Your are the most beautiful, elegance.

Marigold: Jealousy

Sunflower: Arrogance, pride.

Clover: Uncertainty, anguish.

Tulip: Love declaration, sincerity.

Violet: Delicate charm, humility.