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Orchids are wildly popular. And rightly so! This graceful plant is wonderfully colourful and therefore a nice combination between flower and plant. A feast for the eyes and a real eyecatcher for any interior. Perhaps you would like to add another plant? View our plant collection.

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    With Euroflorist, you can easily order and have orchids delivered anywhere in Belgium. We deliver your orchids wherever and whenever you want! Order them online today, and we will deliver your orchids straight to your doorstep! Whether it's white, yellow, or purple, we have them all! Orchids come in many different varieties, which is why our orchid collection is continuously evolving and frequently updated. The most popular orchid is still the Phalaenopsis, but the Oncidium, the Dendrobium, and the Cymbidium are also in demand. Orchids not only make great gifts for the home but also add beauty to the office. Enjoy your orchid for even longer with our orchid care tips!

  • The Phalaenopsis – The Most Popular Orchid!

    Orchids are highly popular, and the Phalaenopsis, also known as the moth orchid, surpasses them all! Trendy, elegant, and colorful, the Phalaenopsis orchid is the perfect gift to give to family and friends. Suitable for all occasions, it is highly cherished for birthdays and weddings, as well as for expressing gratitude or simply because. The Phalaenopsis' butterfly-shaped flower is an enchanting spectacle, complemented by a range of colors, from white to pink or purple, and from apricot to salmon shades. Thanks to our network of florists nationwide, we can deliver your orchid anywhere in Belgium. Simply order your orchid online, and we'll take care of the rest!