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Easter flowers delivery

Brighten your loved ones' day with vibrant Easter flowers. Elevate the spirit of the holiday and show your affection by gifting beautiful Easter flowers to those who matter most.

  • Easter flower delivery with Euroflorist

    Every year Easter falls on a different date. While most of us can give a rough estimate of when it might fall without much difficulty, few can determine the exact date without looking at the calendar. So how do we determine the exact date of Easter? The answer is more complex than one might think. The exact date of Easter is based on the lunar calendar. Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. Easy... right?

    In the world of flowers this period is synonymous with excitement. Spring has arrived and nature is offering us a huge bouquet of spring flowers. It will come as no surprise that Easter is particularly famous for its colourful spring flowers. Daffodils, tulips or cherry blossoms... it's a real explosion of colors! Do you want to make nice surprise for Easter? Our florists are here to help you with you Easter flower delivery! A fresh bouquet of easter flowers full of color is exactly what you need to surprise family and friends.

  • What flowers for Easter? Euroflorist's little flower guide

    • Daffodils: What are those yellow flowers you find during Easter called again? Oh yes, daffodils! These beautiful yellow flowers are one of the most popular Easter flowers. But why is it so actually? Ta answer this questions we need to look at the blooming season of the daffodil. Except for its blooming months of March and April, it is believed dead for the rest of the year, similar to the rebirth of Christ. This is the reason why the daffodil symbolizes eternal life in Christianity. Be careful! Daffodils can be slightly toxic to cats.
    • Tulips: Tulips are always welcome guests at Easter. A fresh and colorful bouquet of tulips is a must for a perfect Easter table decoration. Add colorful Easter eggs and bunny decorations and you're done. A real treat for the eyes but not only!
    • Hyacinths: Hyacinths are also one of the best-known Easter flowers. Particularly popular during spring, they are often used in Easter arrangements, where they are often delivered in bulb and in soil. It is also possible to buy them directly in pots from a local grower, garden center or your local florist. These beautiful spring flowers are available in three colors: white, pink or blue. Beware! Like daffodils, hyacinths can also be toxic to cats.
    • Cherry blossoms: Cherry blossoms are particularly appreciated for their undeniable decorative value. With their pink or white flowers, they are perfect the perfect asset to upgrade any Easter bouquets.
    • Crocus: Along with the daffodils, crocuses are one of the first spring flowers to appear. Crocuses begin to bloom in February, stretching their purple, white or yellow heads into the air. Crocuses are not cut flowers; they are primarily used in arrangements, especially Easter arrangements.