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Secretary's Day

Secretaries are the eyes and ears of a company. On 20th of April, a day is dedicated to them: Secretaries' Day. Discover our collection of flowers dedicated to this occasion.

  • Secretaries' Day - 20th of April

    Secretaries' and Assistants' Day is held every year on the third Thursday of April. This year, the day falls on 20 April. This celebration originated in the United States and has since spread to Europe, Belgium and the rest of the world. Not surprisingly, its popularity and attention is growing every year. Secretaries and administrative assistants work hard and deserve to be honoured for the indispensable work they do.

  • Send flowers on Secretary's Day

    Choose beautiful Euroflorist flowers: they can easily be delivered to your secretary's office or home anywhere in Belgium. If you order before 2pm, we will make sure that the chosen bouquet is delivered the same day. Mark this day in your calendar to let your secretary(s) know how valuable their role is in your company and order an assortment of the most beautiful Spring flowers!