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Summer Flowers

Celebrate summer with cheerful flowers! Our summer collection offers a wide variety of flowers in all colours and price ranges. Summer flowers bring a sunny mood to everyone! Our bouquets are carefully selected for their long-lasting freshness and vibrant colors. This way, you can enjoy high-quality flowers at an attractive price.

  • Summer flower delivery - Euroflorist

    The sun is shining, the heat is gradually settling in, and the vacation season is finally here... Yes, summer is back! We know that sending summer flowers is not a priority when you're quietly lying on the beach or hiking in the mountains. But sending a little thank you to the neighbors for taking care of the cat or your sister-in-law for watering the plants is a nice attention for those who stayed at home. Sending summer flowers is quick and easy via our website. Wherever you are, you can simply and quickly send summer flowers online from your mobile or tablet to your loved one in Belgium.

    During the summer period, Euroflorist also guarantees same day delivery throughout Belgium. Order your summer flowers on weekdays before 2pm or on Saturdays before 12pm and one of our florists will deliver your flowers today. Perfect to congratulate your best friend on her birthday or to make your grandmother happy! How does it work? Choose the summer bouquet you want to surprise your loved one with, specify the name of the recipient and the address where the bouquet should be delivered and one of our local florists will personally deliver your bouquet.

  • The most popular summer flowers - here they are!

    Life is beautiful when the sun shines, don't you think? And as everyone knows, the sun always shines (above the clouds) in Belgium... So to boost even more your vitamin D level, our advice is: if the sun is not shining, bring it into your house with beautiful summer flowers! The summer is known for its beautiful and colorful flowers. The season starts with peonies, which are quickly followed by the most famous summer flowers like dahlias and sunflowers. Hereunder, we have listed the most popular summer flowers for you:

    • The sunflower: The sunflower is THE incarnation of summer. Its warm colors and round sun-like shape have made it a favorite summer flower. Van Gogh, who also loved sunflowers, painted them with talent, but with us, you can simply take the original home.
    • Dahlia: Colorful, stylish and elegant, dahlias are back in style! Incredibly popular because of their charming blooms, they are a favorite guest in summer bouquets and in Belgian gardens!
    • Gladioli Gladioli are a must have in a lot of summer bouquets. The name of these beautiful flowers comes from the Latin gladius, which means sword. Gladioli symbolize strength, victory and pride.
    • Delphiniums: Delphiniums have long been a summer favorite. But why? Delphiniums are blue cut flowers. This detail might seem insignificant since there are countless other blue flowers. However, The difference between delphinium and other blue flowers and that the vast majority are not suitable as cut flowers, to the contrary of delphiniums that are stunning in any bouquets.
    • Alliums: Alliums, also known as ornamental onions, are an eye-catcher in summer bouquets and gardens. There are about 1,000 varieties of alliums, many of which are edible like onions, shallots, leeks or chives. Its beautiful purple bulbs are a real treat for the eyes!