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Euroflorist Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

First things first: when is Mother's Day in Belgium? This year, Mother's Day will take place on Sunday 14 May 2023. In Belgium, we celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May.

If you are looking for inspiration or the best gift idea for Mother's Day, you are in the right place. What flowers to give, what gift to choose or make, or simply what to do for Mother's Day? Get ready for the best with Euroflorist!

Which Flowers to give for Mother’s Day?

Of course, giving flowers on Mother's Day is a must. But this year, how about adding an original and personalized touch? For example, you can compose your own bouquet by choosing flowers that remind you of her! As you may know, flowers have their own language.

Here are some examples of the meanings of Spring flowers for Mother's Day so you can choose the ones that most closely match yours!

Peonies: they're a Mother's Day favourite. With their lush blooms and delicate fragrance, majestic Peonies are the perfect way to honour your mother on Mother's Day. In the language of flowers, the peony represents love, prosperity, and good fortune, making it a meaningful and heartfelt gift for your mother.

Roses: the queen of flowers never goes out of fashion and Mother's Day is no exception! Roses are the messengers of deep love. The good thing is that they come in a multitude of colours. So you can match them to your mother's decoration! Or do you want to express your gratitude and admiration? Choose roses in light pink shades; they signify gratitude, joy and admiration.

Lilies: what could be more elegant than Lilies? Their imposing size and powerful fragrance will show your love and admiration for your mother as much as they will dress up her living room! Lilies signify not only refinement, but also purity and innocence.

Gerberas: If you're looking for the flower that will express all the love you have for your mother, choose Gerberas. With their bright, cheerful colours and large, daisy-like flowers, gerberas are sure to make your mother smile. In the language of flowers, they signify cheerfulness and joy, making them the perfect choice to honour the most important woman in your life this Mother's Day!

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

While a bouquet is a must-have gift for Mother's Day, you may as well add a more personalized gift to go with it!

Here are some gift ideas for Mother’s Day that she’ll love for sure:

Write her a letter: even if love is always present between you, taking the time to write the strength of your bonds, your admiration and how much you love her will necessarily fill her with pure happiness. A letter is a precious gift as it can be kept forever. And if you need a little inspiration to start, here are some wish ideas for Mother’s Day!

Offer her a mug: for a more handmade gift, you can paint a pretty mug of your choice or glue dried flowers or flock a photo on it (the funniest ones are the best!).

Book a massage (together or just for her): our mothers work hard for everyone else and sometimes forget to think about themselves. A massage is the perfect gift to finally give some time to take care of her. She will be very grateful!

Print photos: choose your favourites together and have them printed! It's always a pleasure to look at photos of happy times together and reminisce about good memories.

What to do for Mother’s Day?

4 activities to do on Mother’s Day

A romantic dinner: yes, you read that right! Why not have a nice candlelit dinner with your mother? This could be an opportunity to cook a delicious dinner together or to prepare her favourite dishes and invite her to your home to spend a wonderful evening. Otherwise, invite her to the restaurant is, of course, always a good idea.

A walk in nature: a breath of fresh air is the best way to disconnect. Find a nice spot in nature and take your mum for a walk, it will soothe you and give you a great time.

A day at the market/shopping: what a pleasant place the markets are, you can wander between the stalls, taste and discover pretty local products... This is a nice moment to share with your mother and enjoy together. And then, go on a shopping trip, it's always fun!

A cultural outing: a play, a dance ballet, an exhibition... There are so many opportunities to spend time together that are different from everyday life! And when it comes to culture, there's something for everyone, find the wackiest exhibitions to have a memorable time!

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