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MOTHER'S DAY : flowers and gifts

Surprise ! A bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day

Have you ever given your mother a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Whatever the occasion, a bouquet of flowers is always a pleasure. This year, on Mother's Day, take the opportunity to thank her for all she has done for you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to show your affection. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

Studies have shown that receiving flowers makes you happy. Giving them in person is of course the best, but it's not always possible. That's why we're here! For Mother's Day, we also deliver on Sundays. So you can be sure that your mother will be surprised on Mother's Day, even if you can't be there.

Guide: What flowers to give for Mother's Day?

Don't know which bouquet to choose? Did you know that every flower has a different meaning? We have selected a few flowers for you that symbolise love and joy. By choosing a bouquet with these flowers, you can be sure you won't go wrong!

  • Peonies:  Peonies are only available for a short time, and it's exactly during Mother's Day - what a great coincidence! They look like roses but rounder and larger. In addition, their sweet fragrance is delicious. Peonies are available in many colours and are a hit on Mother's Day. Peonies represent love, happiness and prosperity... perfect for wishing your Mom all the best!

  • Roses: A great classic! Roses represent love. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours... there's something for everyone. You can give a classic bouquet of red roses, or you can be more original with a mixed bouquet, as roses combine wonderfully with other flowers. Do you want to thank your mother? Go for light pink, this colour is synonymous with gratitude, happiness, admiration and joy.

  • Coloroful field bouquets :  Do you have a spontaneous and energetic mother? Then a field bouquet will fit her to a tee! They only grow wild for a short period in spring. A country bouquet is a colourful mix of flowers that reminds us that life is short and should be enjoyed every day. A pure joy, this type of bouquet represents joy and love.

  • Plants or orchids:  Flowers are beautiful, but they eventually fade. With a lot of love and care, a plant can stay beautiful for years. If you are looking for a lasting gift, a plant is a great choice! Popular plants for Mother's Day are roses, azaleas, hibiscus, begonia or olive trees. If your mother likes to cook, surprise her with aromatic plants. And if not, the perfect compromise between flower and plant is the orchid. An elegant plant with beautiful flowers.

How to order Mother’s Day Flowers?

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3 frequently asked questions about Mother's Day

Do you know what the most frequently asked questions are about Mother's Day? Here they are, and we've answered them directly !

1. When is Mother's Day 2022?

Mother's Day is not celebrated on the same date in all countries. In the Netherlands and Belgium, it falls on the second Sunday in May, i.e. 8 May. Only in Antwerp does it take place on 15 August, Mary's birthday.

2. Text ideas for on the card

A nice card written by your child, whatever the age or situation, is always heartwarming. If you're lacking inspiration, here are some ideas to help you write your Mother's Day message.

  1. For the dearest mum!
  2. Especially for you, because you are so sweet!
  3. For a special mum, have a wonderful Mother's Day.
  4. Dearest Mum, because you are so sweet and special, I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!
  5. Your favourite flowers, especially for you, on Mother's Day!
  6. For my dear mum, who is always there for me.
  7. Today you will be treated like a princess! Today we will be extra nice...
  8. This gift is especially for you, because you are fantastic!
  9. Today you don't have to do anything, just enjoy! This is your day. Big kiss!

3- Where is Mother's Day coming from ?

Mother's Day has its origins in an ancient Greek festival in honour of Rhea, the mother of the gods. Catholics honour Mary, the mother of Jesus. In the 19th century, the mother was first honoured in America. In 1914, this holiday became an official public holiday. In the Netherlands and Belgium it was in 1924 and even then flowers were the most popular gift!

How to celebrate Mother's Day?

Flowers are in the top 5 most popular Mother's Day gifts. But what else can you give? Here are some ideas:

Personalized vouchers Here's an original and useful idea! Fill a jar with vouchers for help around the house, a meal, hugs, activities to do together or whatever you want. Children can also help by offering a voucher for a tidy room, breakfast in bed or a nice drawing.

A handmade gift Personalised gifts often make the biggest impact! Whether it's a child's drawing or a self-made bracelet, as long as there's love in it, it's a great gift. You can also make a photo or video montage with your brothers and sisters or invent a play.

Me-time   Does your mother work a lot and need some time off? Give your mother a day off as a gift. You can do this by buying a gift card for a nice day at the spa or a manicure, or by putting together a package with body care products, such as a face mask, nail polish, bath products and a nice smelling candle.

A personalized gift:  Personalised gifts such as a homemade poem, a picture of the family on canvas, a mug or a photo shoot are all good ideas that will keep your mother close to you.

A useful gift for the house   It may be a cliché, but a house is never finished. It's very simple, taking away a bit of frustration from someone because something is missing can make that person very happy! Or simply a new decorative item, if you know her taste. Try to find out what they are missing and buy it.

5 ideas for nice activities

Do you think that a life experience is more important than a material gift? Then we suggest 5 ideas for nice activities together on Mother's Day!

  1. City trip Discover a new city together. Go for a walk, have a good time over coffee or lunch, visit a museum or an amusement park and discover new horizons.

  2. High tea or high wine: There is nothing better for a mother than to spend quality time with her children. Go to a place where they have good tea or wine and snacks and treat yourself. Or simply make your own snacks and turn it into a picnic.

  3. Fresh air at the beach The beach can have a relaxing effect, don't you think? If you don't live far from the beach, take your mum for a relaxing day by the sea. Of course, you can also combine this activity with lunch, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

  4. Cinema, museum, theatre... or spa? Does your mother like going to the cinema, museum, theatre or spa? Especially if she usually goes alone or doesn't spend enough time there, it would be a good idea to do it together for a change!

  5. A workshop : Does your mother like to learn? Then sign up for a workshop together, for example a chocolate making or Italian cooking workshop. You'll have a great time and take your new knowledge home for all to enjoy!

Send flowers abroad for Mother's Day ?

Your mother does not live in Belgium? No problem! Euroflorist delivers flowers all over the world... or almost! We work with local florists, who take care of the delivery for you. These florists are in over a hundred countries!

Are all flowers available?

No, unfortunately not, but many of them are available. There may also be interesting local alternatives available that are not available in Belgium. Enter the country where your mother is located to get all the options available for delivery to that location.

Delivery times: Order a little in advance!

Sunday delivery is not possible everywhere and time differences can make same day delivery impractical. So order in advance, to make sure you receive your flowers in time for Mother's Day!

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