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Rose care

Rose care

How to take care of your roses - give them a boost in the right direction

1. When you receive your roses, re-wrap them but make sure that the stems are outside of the paper. Be positive that no leaves or spines are left on the stems under the binding area.

2. Pour warm water (50-60 degrees Celsius) into a clean vase and dispense the flower nutrition into the water.

3. Cut the stems with a sharp knife. Cut through the whole stems, so that the cutting area is about two centimeters, at the least. This will give the flowers a greater area to absorb the water - the more water the roses can take in, the longer they will last.

4. Put the roses into the water immediately, so that the stems doesn' t have time to absorb air (it is the air in the stems that makes the roses ´nod´.) If the stem absorbs air, the bubble of air will mount and when it reaches the flower head the stem becomes soft and the rose will ´nod´.

5. After about 30 minutes you can remove the paper, and - if needed - pour more warm water into the vase. If the water is muddy, change to all new water with new flower nutrition and re-cut the stems.

Enjoy your roses!