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Everything about Christmas Flowers

A flowery Christmas is magical.

What could be better than a Christmas bouquet or a Christmas plant to decorate your table during the holidays! In Belgium, many people decorate their home or office with flowers during the holidays. Poinsettia, amaryllis, Christmas roses, there is no lack of choice! Flowers are a great way to express your emotions. That's why bouquets and plants also make great gifts. Do you already know the top 5 traditional flowers and plants for the Holidays? And do you know why Christmas decorations are always the same colour: red, white and green? Learn more about Christmas flowers in a few minutes.

Top 5 Christmas Flowers

To inspire you and get you in the Christmas mood, we've listed 5 traditional Christmas flowers and plants. Poinsettia, amaryllis, Christmas rose, mistletoe, holly... Do you know them all? These typical flowers of the Christmas season create a joyful and warm atmosphere.

  • Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) : It is the queen of winter flowers. The amaryllis grows wild in South America. It is a bulbous plant with impressive red, white, pink or orange flowers.
  • Christmas star (Poinsettia): The poinsettia is the Christmas plant par excellence... because who doesn't know the famous Christmas star! Originally the poinsettia comes from Mexico! This plant only blooms when the days are short. In fact, if the Christmas star doesn't spend 14 hours a day in complete darkness, its leaves stop blushing. Want your poinsettia to bloom again? Leave it in total darkness for 14 hours a day, for 6 to 8 weeks. You'll see, its leaves will regain their beautiful red colour! The poinsettia is not an easy plant. So it makes a great Christmas gift for someone with green fingers.
  • Mistletoe: Mistletoe is a hemiparasitic plant that grows on trees. This plant is often used as a traditional Christmas decoration, just like holly. Do you know the famous romantic tradition of kissing under a mistletoe branch?
  • Holly (Ilex) : The holly, like the mistletoe mentioned above, is often used as a Christmas decoration. You can recognize this plant by its tough leaves with thorns. Attention: the red berries are toxic for humans.
  • Christmas rose (Helleborus niger) : The Christmas rose grows wild in the mountains, up to a maximum altitude of 1900 meters. It can be found, for example, in the heart of the fir forests of the Eastern Alps and the Apennines. The roots of the Christmas rose are black, which gives it the name of black hellebore. The plant blooms in winter and produces beautiful white flowers. This is why the Christmas rose is so popular at the end of the year.
These plants and flowers are perfect for decorating homes and businesses for the holidays. Gift tip: Christmas plants (such as the Christmas rose and poinsettia) are very popular. They are also a lasting gift! If you take good care of a plant, you can enjoy it for a long time.

Why are red, white and green traditional Christmas colours?

Every country has their own traditions with Christmas. However, the main colours are the same everywhere. In December, the world shines with red, white and green shades. Why are these three colours so typical of Christmas? This colourful tradition started centuries ago. Red, white and green are symbolic colours representing love, faith and hope respectively! As you know, Christmas is a Christian holiday. So you won't be surprised to learn that the traditional colours of Christmas originally had a religious meaning. In the colour wheel, red is in front of green, which means that they form a harmonious combination. White is also a typical Christmas colour that reminds us of a white, snowy Christmas. It is so romantic!